Three years of Lakelyf

Autumn has arrived! This year we’ve been busy designing power tools, luggage, branding new businesses, and developing concepts for video game titles. We extend a special thanks to each of our partners in this grand adventure.

As time marches forward so to does our understanding of the ways our work influences the world and the people in it. As designers of industrially produced goods, these learnings include phasing out older methods of production, distribution, and material usage. Replacing the antiquated with more responsible and efficient alternatives is a ongoing research-driven focus of ours at Lakelyf.

Progress is incremental, sometimes focusing on human-machine interaction, other times on the ecological impact of our material choices.

In all of our work we express Lakelyf’s values of enabling exploration, bringing good design to everyone, and imbuing fun and whimsy.

How to design a Lake Lyf

Welcome! We are delighted to have you visit our new studio. Lakelyf is a full service industrial design studio and this is our first Blog.  You will notice that our Web site is still under construction...but we were anxious to get our adventure underway.
We considered our name over many months because we wanted it to guide both us and our customers through the tricky waters of building a young company.  We chose Lakelyf because it describes a lifestyle that we've been fortunate to live our entire lives and one we cherish. We also love to design solutions that enhance and encourage humans and their animal companions to experience the great wild outdoors.   Especially water and wetlands.  
Living a lake life is also about simplifying, slowing down and focusing on what matters most.   What matters most takes time for each individual to discover for themselves. 
Another rule of living the lake life is have fun and play more.  We strive to bring a little more whimsy to the world every day.
One of the big things you notice right away living the lake lyf is all the different sounds you can hear once you slow down and really listen.  The attachment below is a reminder for those of you who have been too long in the city and all the other adventurers who wonder at the wilderness along with Lakelyf.  Close your eyes and take a few seconds to sit by a mountain stream not far from our studio.  Enjoy.